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Lithium advantages
Lithium advantages - The advantages of Lithium batteries > ZwerfCat > Articles > Lithium on yachts > Lithium advantages
You probably have heard about the advantages of Lithium batteries over lead-acid batteries, like their low cost, their durability, their low weight, their fast charge ability and their capability to support heavy loads without voltage sag? Then you can just skip this article. However, if you are not convinced yet that Lithium batteries are the better alternative for electrical energy storage on your ship, or have some concerns about their safety, then read this article.
Lithium management
Lithium management - How to keep Lithium cells safe and healthy > ZwerfCat > Articles > Lithium on yachts > Lithium management
A lot of questions answered: Why do you need a BMS? Why does a Lithium battery need a power interrupter? What happens when you overcharge, when you overdischarge, exceed temperature limits, or when the battery becomes imbalanced?
Lithium but-whatabout...
Lithium but-whatabout... - Common marketing inspired mistakes > ZwerfCat > Articles > Lithium on yachts > Lithium but-whatabout...
In the previous article you have seen that proper management of Lithium batteries is not that simple. But then how is it possible that "simple" Lithium solutions are being sold and appear to be working ok? And on the other hand, why do we hear about unsatisfying implementations and Lithium batteries bursting in flames?
Lithium implementations
Lithium implementations - A comparison between different implementations > ZwerfCat > Articles > Lithium on yachts > Lithium implementations
There are several ways to implement lithium batteries on a ship. All of them have specific advantages and disadvantages. In this article you will find a detailed analysis and comparison.
Lithium-Hybrid - What is it and why do you want it? > ZwerfCat > Articles > Lithium on yachts > Lithium-Hybrid
A Lithium-Hybrid installation solves a lot of problems, is the easiest lithium conversion possible, and combines the best of lead-acid and lithium batteries. The result is a system which is far better than lithium-only.
OpenHybridBMS - Open source BMS for lithium / lead-acid hybrid installations > ZwerfCat > Articles > Lithium on yachts > OpenHybridBMS
The ultimate solution to use lithium batteries on marine vessels.