NMEA over WiFi Make your NMEA data available to all your devices

More and more people are using OpenCPN and other apps on their laptop and mobile devices. One way or the other, you will have to connect your device to the NMEA data. One way of doing that is via the USB-port. But the disadvantage is that it can create ground loops and that you can connect only ONE device, and that device needs an USB port.

NMEA2WiFi is a small device that can put your NMEA data on a WiFi data stream, usable by multiple devices at the same time.

NMEA over WiFi enables you to use OpenCPN on your mobile phone, with wind, depth, AIS, etc.


  • Compatible with OpenCPN and many other applications.
  • Unlimited amount of devices can be connected to the NMEA data.
  • The connection is wireless, so no more ground loops and use of unreliable cables.
  • Can work stand alone as a WiFi access point, but can also connect as a station to an existing WiFi access point.
  • The NMEA signal is isolated via an optocoupler. No risks of ground loops!
  • Compatible with standard NMEA (4800 bps) and high speed NMEA (38400 bps).
  • Low power consumption.
  • Configurable via a web browser interface.
  • Can filter and convert NMEA data.
  • Has a builtin AIS dispatcher for Marine Traffic and other AIS aggregators.
  • Builtin monitors for AIS and NMEA data.

How to order

We are producing a small batch of ready to be used NMEA2WiFi devices, they should become available soon.

Price will be around 85 Euros.

We don't know how long they will last. If you want to reserve one, please let us know.

Easy to use

Using the NMEA stream in OpenCPN is easy; just copy this configuration.


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