TheFloatingLab smartphone App The Guestimator and Info channels on Android/iPhone

The FloatingLab app
The FloatingLab app
Made by Thomas, our son, who is a programmer and studies physics

Our services packed together into an App for Android and iPhone smartphones.

What is it?


Our online Guestimator can, due to being a webpage, only work as long as you have internet access. The new TheFloatingLab App solves this problem because it has an offline mode. In offline mode the Guestimator is fully functional, except for automatically calculating the wind/wave factor which of course depends on obtaining the most recent weather information from the internet.

Info Channels

Our info channels have become quite popular. Until recently, they were only available via the Signal Messenger. Signal is an excellent messaging app, but it is not specifically designed for automated messaging and low data purposes and has the habit of stalling when someone buys a new phone or a new sim card. Our TheFloatingLab App is designed to make the info channels more accessible and to work more reliable with an intermittent data connections.

Why did we make it?

When my son Thomas, physics student, was here on vacation for a month. We had a few very rainy days and during these days he started to create the first version of the app. We worked on it because it was fun to do so and we thought it would be useful for us sailors.

This is one of the cases where a free app doesn't mean that you or your data became the product; we don't collect any of your data, position, or whatever and we don't get anything out of it except of your donations (voluntarily, no donations required, consider only if you appreciate it).

Maintaining the app costs time and my son has to pay Google and Apple for using their respective AppStores, and since this is not an app which is going to be used by millions of users, your donation or registration makes a difference and helps to keep this project alive.

When can I have it?

We have some prototypes running and are now finalizing the App. Stay tuned for more news.

Four screenshots of the app